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Spare time activities

Explore the abundance of cultural, recreational and social activities available in Viborg Municipality.

When living, working and studying in Viborg Municipality, you have an abundance of cultural, recreational and social activities right on your doorstep or a short drive away depending on where you live and what you are interested in doing in your spare time.

You can go fishing, take dance lessons, explore Viborg’s history and heritage, go to a concert, watch a play, skydive, watch a professional handball or football game, go hiking, watch a film, be a scout, train your dog, meet friends at a café, network with people with similar interests, be an amateur actor, be a volunteer, sing in choir, go to an exhibition, go swimming and do sports – but the possibilities are almost endless.

Event calendar

Det sker i Viborg (in Danish) is a calendar of events, concerts, exhibitions, talks, etc.

Public libraries

At Viborg Municipality’s libraries (in Danish), in addition to borrowing books, you can also attend a lot of different events such as book cafés, talks and debates.

Voluntary sports clubs and associations

In Denmark there is a long tradition of citizens joining and forming voluntary associations where people with the same interest meet – this interest can be of a cultural, academic, political or social nature. This means that a lot of the Danish social and cultural life is centred round and linked to voluntary sports and other associations. So, if you would like to be part of the social and cultural life in the Viborg region, joining an association of interest is a good place to start.

You can find all the sports clubs and voluntary associations registered with Viborg Municipality on Fritidsportalen (in Danish).

Sights, attractions and restaurants

On, you can find inspiration to what to do and see in and around Viborg as well as find a list of places to go for a cup of coffee or something to eat.

Viborg dates back to the Middle Ages. In the old part of the city, you can walk along narrow cobbled streets lined with timber framed houses and small court yards. Here, you also find Viborg’s landmark – Viborg Cathedral which occupies a prominent space in the heart of the city.

If you would like to experience beautiful Ice Age created landscapes, visit Hald Sø and Dollerup Bakker (hills) just outside Viborg.

Big events

A number of big events take place in Viborg Municipality every year. Snapsting, Hærvejsløbet and Hærvejsmarchen take place in the same week in June.

  • Snapsting is Viborg’s big annual festival. During the Snapsting week, a lot of different events take place – concerts, cultural events, talks and happenings.
  • Hærvejsløbet is Denmark’s largest cycling race (both road and mountain bike) with a total of six different routes – the longest starts in Flensburg.
  • Hærvejsmarchen is a two day walking event that takes you through the streets of Viborg and the beautiful landscape around Viborg depending on which route you register for. Hærvejsmarchen is the only IML (International Marching League) recognised march in Denmark.
  • Generation Handball is an international handball tournament (both indoor and outdoor) for youth teams (10 – 21 years) from different countries that takes place the first week in August.
  • Viborg Animation Festival (VAF) is the largest international animation festival in Denmark and is a celebration animation’s many possibilities - showcasing that animation is not just entertainment but also art, craft, learning, teaching and science dissemination.
  • Jul i Viborg is Viborg’s annual Christmas celebration. Throughout December, there is a cozy Christmas Market at Nytorv with craft and food stalls and different concerts and events take place around Viborg.