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Upper secondary school and further education

A variety of upper secondary and further education programmes is available in Viborg Municipality.

Students from more than 30 countries study in Viborg. Some take their whole education in Viborg whereas others are only here for one semester or a year.

In Viborg Municipality, the business community, the educational institutions and Viborg Municipality work together to ensure relevant and exciting educational programmes as well as jobs and future opportunities after graduation.

On the portal Karriereby Viborg, you can find information about all the upper secondary school and further education programmes that the educational institutions located in Viborg Municipality offer.

On Karriereby Viborg, you can also find an abundance of relevant information abut housing, spare time activities and career options in Viborg Municipality. By following Karriereby Viborg on Facebook and/or Instagram, you can stay updated on events, enter competitions or learn about student life and career options in Viborg Municipality from other students.